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—a personal approach and commitment to art

Panache Agency helps artists focus on their work by facilitating other aspects of their career. We make public announcements via the appropriate channels, take care of PR, do critical write-ups about their projects and assist in fundraising and business negotiations. We commit ourselves to create an optimal environment for the people we work with to allow them to concentrate on the development of their oeuvre in the best of circumstances.


We currently represent and/or work for:

Younes Baba-Ali
Els Dietvorst
Ives Maes
Maryam Najd

Younes Baba-Ali at KunstenFestivaldesArts

Younes Baba-Ali divides his time between Brussels and Casablanca. In his multidisciplinary work, he poses hard-hitting questions about identity, diversity, migration, and integration. Baba-Ali presents two new projects at this year’s KunstenFestivaldesArts. On the Galerie Ravenstein façade he has installed Paraboles, a sculpture of satellite dishes – so banal and yet so typical within the street scenery of Brussels. They are here but are searching for something else, far away. They seem undecided, moving incessantly as in a mechanical ballet. In an empty shop a bit further along, Baba-Ali brings to life a series of works in which he observes the daily lives of illegal street vendors in southern Europe. The street vendors embody a reality of survival, a troublesome black market, but also a fragile beauty. As sculptures of flesh and blood, they penetrate our urban environment. Younes Baba-Ali stimulates an open dialogue. Vu’ cumprà? Do you want to buy?

Ives Maes at house Van Wassenhove

Ives Maes is currently in residence at the house Van Wassenhove, a beautiful concrete villa by Juliaan Lampens. The residency is organised by Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens. He'll be working there until the end of the year.

Watch an item about the residency by AVS Oost-Vlaamse Televisie on Vimeo:

AVS - residency coverage

Maryam Najd – finissage 'Works On Paper' at Gallery Van De Weghe

Works On Paper © Gallery Van De Weghe

For the group exhibition Works On Paper, Maryam Najd has used paper as the medium for her signature Abstracts, instead of the usual canvas. Last chance to have a look at her beautiful work, this Saturday at the finissage at Gallery Van De Weghe.

Saturday 20.06.2015, 2pm–6pm

Gallery Van De Weghe
Pourbusstraat 5
2000 Antwerpen

'Flower Power' by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven on the Grote Markt in Antwerp 4–13 July 2015

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven © Artur Eranosian / AMVK

On the occasion on of the 450th anniversary of the Antwerp City Hall, artist Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven has designed a flower carpet titled 'Flower Power' that will be on display on the Grote Markt (main square) from 4 till 13 June 2015. Also part of the work is a series of unique flags decorating the City Hall's facade.

Flower Power is an a-typical flower carpet because it consists of plants and herbs in pots instead of the usual (begonia) flower buds. For this reason it will remain fresh for a longer period, with the added bonus that visitors can take the the plants home at the end of the exhibition.

The colourful work draws inspiration from motives found in the floor carpets that were in fashion at the time the City Hall was built. Using bright colours, AMVK infuses the ancient patterns with an optimistic mood, hence the title 'Flower Power'.

Lecture Sunville by Ives Maes 21.05.2015

In the context of the exhibition ‘The Camera’s Blind Spot II’ at Extra City, Ives Maes will give a lecture about the relationship between sculpture and photography today. The lecture will be followed by a talk between Ives Maes and curator Mihnea Mircan. Admission is free.


21.05.2015 – 19:30

Extra City Kunsthal
Eikelstraat 25
2600 Berchem



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