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Panache Agency helps artists focus on their work by facilitating other aspects of their career. We make public announcements via the appropriate channels, take care of PR, do critical write-ups about their projects and assist in fundraising and business negotiations. We commit ourselves to create an optimal environment for the people we work with to allow them to concentrate on the development of their oeuvre in the best of circumstances.


We currently represent and/or work for:

Younes Baba-Ali
Els Dietvorst
Ives Maes
Maryam Najd

The Rabbit and the Teasel by Els Dietvorst nominated for Visions du Réel

The Rabbit And The Teasel © Els Dietvorst


The Rabbit and the Teasel by Els Dietvorst is selected for the international competition of the Suisse documentary festival Visions du Réel.


The Rabbit And the Teasel is a modern rural drama, in which fiction and autobiographical elements weave themselves into a lyrical tale. TJ Butler – the youngest member of a third generation of cattle dealers – drags us with his story into a universe of beauty, death and decay. His testimony confronts the viewers with the raw reality of a year full of rain, a year that drives the farmer to despair. Or, as Butler’s father puts it: “Even if farmers are as tough as nails, this season is soul destroying.” Whoever has experienced the consequences of a runaway climate first-hand can attest to this, because it turns the core of one’s existence on its head. It ruins the soul.

The Rabbit And the Teasel builds on many anti-utopian themes from Els Dietvorst’s earlier film work: social conflict and the struggle that is life. The artist reflects on her own life, what it means for her to live/survive far from the comforts of the city. She wonders what happens to a person when they arrive back at the beginning of the food chain, and entices the viewer into a consumption-free society reliant on what the seasons deliver. She appeals to the collective memory of the local community. Her fellow villagers narrate, film, and act. Fiction and reality are interwoven into a modern fairy tale. The Rabbit And The Teasel zooms in on a dislocated environment. The effects of climate change are latent. Nature no longer knows how to behave. The implications are sobering.

In The Rabbit and the Teasel, autobiographical elements mingle with events from the past, present, and future. In a timeless setting, a contemporary parable unfolds, as enchanting as it is confronting.
The film was almost entirely shot at Breen Farm in Lough, Duncormick. The house was built in 1832 by the Furlong family. Originally an agricultural farm, it was rebuilt as a dairy farm in 1968 by James Bridie Breen. Their son John manages Breen Farm today.


The Rabbit and the Teasel will have its international premiere in Nyon.

Cast Caelan Hunt - Sam Molyneux - Seamus McCoy - Alice McCoy 

Voice over Liam Heffernan

Director of Photography Hans Bruch Jr. 

Editing Simon Arazi 

Music Laura Hyland 

Sounddesign Gilles Laurent 

Producer Arielle Sleutel Tondo Films 

Text-editor Sorcha Hyland 

Webdesign Frederique Lagast

Co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater
Distribution Argos

Supported by Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds



AMVK – Serving Compressed Energy with Vacuum.
25 April 2015—14 June 2015

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven is an artist. It’s a scientific fact. In 2009, she was a test subject in a study conducted by researchers in Leuven, Belgium. They proved that her brain works differently (and constantly). It lights up entirely, with all parts of her brain firing simultaneously. 
In other words, being an artist was never a choice for Van Kerckhoven. It’s a condition, not a profession. For more than 40 years, her artistic practice has offered her a personal survival mechanism—a filter for processing her experience of life on earth, and for constructing its alternatives. This has fuelled a complex corpus of interdisciplinary work, which is still expanding daily. Van Kerckhoven has used, amongst other materials, 16mm film and Super-8, animation, collage, computer graphics, drawing, installation, music and sound, plexiglass and pvc paintings, publications, sculptures, silkscreens, textiles, and video. She tele-faxed text- and image-based “Reports” to friends (and foes) at will. She wrote, designed, and distributed printed “manuals” to explain her exhibitions, or “registered” those exhibitions as videos, which later became new layered works. In the early 1980s, she furthered her pioneering use of emerging computer technologies as an Artist-in-Residence at the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Brussels. All of her varied pursuits remain informed by overwhelmingly wide-ranging subject matter— from Artificial Intelligence and thermodynamics to the materiality of plastic and the representation of women in pre-1960s soft core pornography. Arrays, databases, equations, files, lists, schematics and systems.

AMVK – Overeenkomst van onbekenden
From 25 April until 14 June 2015, Kunstverein München will present Serving Compressed Energy with Vacuum. Curated by Chris Fitzpatrick and Van Kerckhoven, the expansive exhibition will be the artist’s most comprehensive presentation to date, with nearly 200 works produced between 1975 and 2015. Many of them are being exhibited for the first time, but all of them will be installed in an interwoven and anti-chronological configuration to show her practice as an interminable continuum of forms and ideas. 
An eponymous 96-page publication will be available as a companion to the exhibition. Edited by Julie Peeters, the publication collates a rich array of rare archival material in a parallel space for Van Kerckhoven’s more textual and graphic approaches. As part of a series of public programming, Van Kerckhoven and artist Danny Devos will present Force Mental on 28 April. Van Kerckhoven and Devos produced the serial publication from 1982 until 2006, which chronicled the Belgian underground music scene, as well as their activities as the noise group and venue Club Moral. A performance by Club Moral will follow their presentation. 
Altogether, Serving Compressed Energy with Vacuum is an X-ray of an artist’s practice—presented in the artist’s own words, mediated in its own dialect. 

AMVK – In ons, of nergens (2013)

AMVK – Instinct (1995)

Younes Baba-Ali in Patrimony and Contemporary Art, An Other History

The project ‘Patrimony and Contemporary Art, An Other History” proposes a rediscovery of the Moroccan patrimony through the eyes and the work of artists Daniel Buren, Miguel Chevalier, Yto Barrada, Hassan Darsi, Ange Leccia, Younes Baba-Ali et Mounir Fatmi.

The artists revisited ten Moroccan cities’ most beautiful sites and made installations that are both spectacular and transient.
Younes Baba-Ali’s Story dealers, an audiovisual installation in the old Portuguese cistern of El Jadida, is the result of a process of research and inquiry into the relationship of the inhabitants of the city with their patrimony. Starting from their testimonies, the artist extracts and recomposes a choir of histories around the site. Memories, projections, anecdotes, myths and legends,... thus reactivate the silence of the cistern and transport the inhabitants of El Jadida back to the place they deserted. Inspired by the figures of the storyteller and the tourist guide, the artist aims to re-write the history of the place, between historical facts and fictional accounts.

Patrimony and Contemporary Art, An Other History




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