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For ‘The Welfare State’, an exhibition at the M HKA (Museum for Contemporary Art Antwerp), artist Francisco Camacho Herrera created the website Fulltopia, which allows a community of people who wish to bypass the monetary economy to advertise and exchange their desires, skills and available time, in order to set up a direct exchange of services. 

Having no experience in web development, UX or information architecture, he asked us to analyse his first prototype and help him make designs for the app.

The first prototype looked like this:

Fulltopia initial prototype

After looking at the prototype we quickly realised there was more needed than simple skinning. We started with a thorough analysis of the prototype: which tasks are the users supposed to accomplish? Are these easy to carry out? Is the interface intuitive? Is de site structure transparent and concise? We collected our findings in a 10 page report.
Together with Francisco, we then made some changes to the site's functionality – we came up with an "I owe you" system of keeping track of people's participation (instead of a confusing point-based system), introduced the concept of communities, reorganised the structure of the app and completely overhauled the interface. This resulted in a set of wireframes:

Fulltopia wireframes

Then, it was time to – in Francisco's own words – 'make it pretty'. Because of budget constraints, we couldn't invest too much time in the logo. So we took the original concept and made a cleaner, simpler version.

Fulltopia logo © Panache

At its root, the Fulltopia project relies on the willingness of people to voluntarily invest time and effort in other peoples projects. In order to stimulate people not to take more than they give back, we made three colour schemes: a green scheme for people with a flat balance, a blue ('cold') scheme for people who rely more on other people's help than they contribute and a red ('warm') scheme for the most active volunteers. These schemes are applied to the users' profile pages.

Fulltopia colours

Fulltopia profile page

We organised users' classifieds ('calls') in a compact card layout that would make the project's status clear at a glance.

Fulltopia homepage

The designs were handed over to a developer. The site is currently still in development, and being tested. You can register for the site here. The Fulltopia project is part of the M HKA show "The Welfare State", on view from 29.05.2015 till 27.09.2015.

Fulltopia exhibition view

Photo: Bob van Mol




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