Kobalt Works new identity & website

Kobalt Works is the production organisation founded by choreographer and dancer Arco Renz. Their website was old, not responsive and they never had a real graphic identity.

Because time, or rather the experience of time, is paramount to Renz' artistic practice, we designed a logo that very slowly revolves. For static media, we use various snapshots from the animated logo. We all liked kobalt blue, so why look elsewhere for the primary colour?

Kobalt Works logo

On the website, the primary concern was to give enough space to images and video, and yet have a fully responsive website. We kept the homepage sparse, showing the most recent trailer full-width, and adding only the logo and a menu icon. Throughout the site we show full screen performance stills in the background and try to maximize content, yet keep everything clear an structured.

Kobalt Works website – homepage

Kobalt Works website – Works overview

Kobalt Works website – People overview

You can check out the site here. We'll post some pictures of the stationery in the future.



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