Moussem identity

Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre is a small arts centre based in Antwerp, Belgium that aims to be a cultural bridge between the Middle East and the West. They came to us because they were missing a coherent visual identity and proper communication materials. We made them a new logo, developed a graphic identity and put together a bi-annual magazine with background info for their programme. We still make their posters and flyers and we're helping them set up their contemporary art branch.

Moussem is a 'nomadic arts centre' because they don't have a venue of their own. Secondly, residencies are a fundamental part of what they do. So we took the idea of 'encampment' as a starting point for their logo and combined it with a no frills modernist grotest, to stay clear of the stereotypical ethnic branding of too many intercultural organisations.

Moussem identity by Panache Studio Moussem identity – letterhead by Panache Studio



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