Work in progress: Maryam Najd's Non Existence Flag Project

Currently we are showing part of Maryam Najd's installation "The Non Existence Flag Project". 


For this installation, artist Maryam Najd took three national symbols as her points of departure: the flag, the motto, the flower.

The 193 nations that are members of the UN each have their own national flag. With the aid of a computerscript she calculated average colour-values of each flag. She then manually mixed these percentages to create a new 'national' colour. The end result wil contain 193 different monochrome paintings, sorted alphabetically per nation. They are presented in combination with a series of motto cards that are the key to this installation.

Maryam Najd – Non Existence Flag Project (work in progress) at Panache Towers

The national flowers form the third part of the installation. With 'Bouquet' by Jan Brueghel the Elder as blueprint, Najd makes a new composition for a painting where she replaces all the original flowers with the 'national' flowers representative of each UN-nation. A miniature painting of each individual flower completes the installation.

This project was partly developed in Berlin and New York and is currently in being completed in Antwerp.

Maryam Najd – Non Existence Flag Project (work in progress) at Panache Towers

The project is supported by the Flemish Community.



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