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We are a multi-disciplinary studio offering a broad range of services, from communication strategies and branding to graphic design and web development. We like no-nonsense writing, striking images and sophisticated design. We combine these in well-managed projects run with flair. 


Some of our clients:

5th Moscow Biennial
Bob Van Mol
CC De Grote Post
Design Museum Gent
Dienst Cultuur Stad Oostende
Galerie Van De Weghe
HCGB advocaten
Het Entrepot
Ives Maes
Kobalt Works
Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

Kobalt Works new identity & website

Kobalt Works is the production organisation founded by choreographer and dancer Arco Renz. Their website was old, not responsive and they never had a real graphic identity.

Because time, or rather the experience of time, is paramount to Renz' artistic practice, we designed a logo that very slowly revolves. For static media, we use various snapshots from the animated logo. We all liked kobalt blue, so why look elsewhere for the primary colour?

Kobalt Works logo

On the website, the primary concern was to give enough space to images and video, and yet have a fully responsive website. We kept the homepage sparse, showing the most recent trailer full-width, and adding only the logo and a menu icon. Throughout the site we show full screen performance stills in the background and try to maximize content, yet keep everything clear an structured.

Kobalt Works website – homepage

Kobalt Works website – Works overview

Kobalt Works website – People overview

You can check out the site here. We'll post some pictures of the stationery in the future.

Hans Karelszoon Van Dijck portfolio website

We finished this a while ago, but never came round to posting it. So here goes:

We built a portfolio website for Hans Karelszoon Van Dijck, an artist and good friend of ours. Van Dijck's works combine performance, audiovisual elements and litography or intaglio printing, and the whole creation process is extensively documented.

HKVD homepage

Van Dijck wanted a website that would show all these different aspects of his work in a not too structured way, with a naviation system that is deliberately opaque. Visitors can then get lost in the site and spin their own narrative. Another important prerequisite for the site was a backend that would allow for a high level of customization. So we provided a CMS with a number of building blocks, various methods for inserting images, video's, audio and text blocks into project pages. We made a basic stylesheet to maintain some degree of harmony, but added a tool to the backend to create custom colour scheme for pages. The result is a kaleidoscopic but very personal portfolio site.

HKVD project page

HKVD project page detail

You can visit the site here.

Studio Reset identity

Studio Reset are Tim and Leen, two talented interior architects / furniture designers who happen to live around the corner. They made our office furniture and helped putting up the wall panels, so we made them a new logo and designed their stationery in return.

Studio Reset - stationery

The proportions of the rectangles in the logo are based on the golden ratio. Because material qualities are important in their trade, we wanted to make something tactile and three-dimensional. So we had their logo blind-stamped on their business cards.

Studio Reset - business card detail

Moussem Journa(a)l #5

Moussem Journa(a)l #5 © Panache

The new Moussem Journa(a)l is out, number five. Moussem Journa(a)l is a free magazine published twice a year with background information on Moussem's productions and in-depth interviews with the people involved. This issue features, among other things: Moussem's move to Brussels, the new Moussem Talks and the Tunis-festival.

 You can download the entire magazine from Moussem's website.

Moussem Journa(a)l #5 © Panache

Moussem Journa(a)l #5 © Panache

Moussem Journa(a)l #5 © Panache

Moussem Journa(a)l #5 © Panache

From one studio to another

These two images are part of a rejected proposal. We like them, so we thought we'd share them. DAS STUDIO © Panache Studio EL STUDIO © Panache Studio



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