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We are a multi-disciplinary studio offering a broad range of services, from communication strategies and branding to graphic design and web development. We like no-nonsense writing, striking images and sophisticated design. We combine these in well-managed projects run with flair. 


Some of our clients:

5th Moscow Biennial
Bob Van Mol
CC De Grote Post
Design Museum Gent
Dienst Cultuur Stad Oostende
Galerie Van De Weghe
HCGB advocaten
Het Entrepot
Ives Maes
Kobalt Works
Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

Lucid logo & website

Back in 2009 when our talented friends Jochen and Kathleen started their styling and photography studio Lucid, we got the chance to design their logo and build their first portfolio-website. We recently gave their website a makeover and made it dynamic so they can post their great work themselves.

Lucid website by Panache Studio

Moussem Journa(a)l

The new Moussem Journa(a)l is out, number four. Moussem Journa(a)l is a free magazine published twice a year with background information on Moussem's productions and in-depth interviews with the people involved. We developed the concept and made the first three issues from A to Z (writing, editing, layout). Since issue 4 we do the layout and contribute articles. Here are some pictures from the past 4 issues. You can download the magazines from Moussem's website. More work we did for Moussem here and here.

Moussem Journa(a)l #1-4 by Panache Studio Moussem Journa(a)l #3 by Panache Studio Moussem Journa(a)l #2 by Panache Studio Moussem Journa(a)l #4 by Panache Studio Moussem Journa(a)l #1 by Panache Studio Moussem Journa(a)l #4 by Panache Studio

Ives Maes portfolio

A little while ago we made a new portfolio website for artist Ives Maes. It's a modest site on a micro budget — we're posting this mainly because Ives is a great artist (and a nice guy) and you should definitely see his work.

Huber Crommen Geelhand Barbaix Lawyers

When Geelhand & Barbaix joined Huber & Crommen to form a new law firm, they needed an update of their logo and a new website. Because each maintained their own specialty (tax law for Huber & Crommen, succession planning for Geelhand & Barbaix) they wanted this distinction reflected in their graphic identity and in the structure of the website. We gave each division a different shade of blue and when focussing on one, would fade the other to the background. We used spot varnish to accomplish this on the business cards and separate domains on the website.

HCGB business cards recto by Panache

HCGB business cards verso by Panache


Credits: Technically, Panache did only half of this project: we did this project together with Pieter before he joined Panache. So: design by Studio Pieter Boels, website by Panache Studio.



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